Aditi Parekh

Leadership Coach & Online Education Consultant

Hi! I'm Aditi.

My core mission is to enable learning that is curiosity-driven and community-supported.

In my 10 years immersed in the world of education, I have been a researcher at the MIT Playful Journey Lab and at Evaldesign, a student of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a two-time Teaching Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

And it all started with dropping out of high school in India! Listen to my journey on this podcast.


My current projects include:

  • Consulting with ed-tech startups and universities globally on product design, instructor capacity and community building

  • Teaching leadership development workshops on Public Narrative and Community Organizing workshops at Harvard University with Marshall Ganz and team

  • Offering workshops and coaching to online course creators – and more broadly, to anyone who teaches through live sessions, pre-recorded videos or other interactive formats

To get in touch about working with me, please reach out at

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Partners and Clients

I'm lucky to count leaders from top education and social organizations as my partners, clients and students. A sample:

Upcoming Workshops

  1. Having the Tough Conversation with your Family, in partnership with the Basis community (March 27, 2021)

  2. Public Narrative workshop for the She Runs Goverment Fellowship (April & May 2021)

  3. The Emotional Landscape of your Online Course for On Deck Course Creators Fellowship (April 2021)

  4. Holding your Authority in an Online Setting – open to all, please sign up to receive updates here

Articles & Resources

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