On starting

A typical First Blog Post

I’ve been wanting to write for a long time now, but the urge became stronger since I realized that anybody could write a blog. You didn’t have to be a celeb sharing (read publicizing) her noble ideas and actions for charity. Or one of those intense, complex-sentence-structure and long-word using critics who published long tirades on the political or economic system

You could be a single loola mummy (womanandaquarter.blogspot.com) with a kickass sense of humour and sarcasm, a dog who barked at/about anything that tingled his canine imagination ( http://barkingdogblog.wordpress.com/ ) or a passionate unschooling advocate like Idzie ( http://yes-i-can-write.blogspot.com/). As long as you have a something to talk about, no matter how ‘important’ people think it is.

So, I’m going to write. I’m going to tell you about the beautiful town I call home,  about my tryst with RV. About the places where I’ve found God – in kriti and the rest of my family. I will take you with me on a quest, where together we will find our answers to Why grow up? Why do we do things we don’t like and then give discourses on “Ek zindagi. Khul ke jiyo”.. is it okay, letting Tanay speak and think and talk as he does.. or with sisterly intentions must I keep telling him  how to make idiomatic sentences and think about others first? I don’t have the answers. But.. Questions are the answers, K says. I’m going to Just keep swimming. Searching. And wouldn’t it be fun if we did it together? 🙂

Stay tuned. Lots coming.

The Villager.


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