National Conference on Education for a Caring Society


National Conference and Workshop

29TH AND 30TH, MAY 2014

Vidyavanam, Anaikatti

A caring society is the need of the hour. Violence stalks society and ‘care and share’ is a lost concept in the wild race of self-aggrandizement. Has education failed society in inculcating such values? Has this led to a spurt of violence?What should be an environment of true learning?

Caring calls for an inclusive society. Inclusive not just in terms of the differently- abled but also in terms of caste, religion, gender, culture and socio-economic backgrounds. Inclusive enough to encompass the environment, the sentient and insentient beings – why, the entire universe.10336800_10152411783184513_83906621692955617_n

It calls for breaking barriers between teachers and students, teachers and school managements, parents and teachers, parents and children and establishing harmony in all these relationships. It demands that all these stakeholders look at the education of children as their collective responsibility. It invites us to revisit the thoughts of those great minds who had diverse approaches but finally agreed that education was the way to instill the value of ‘care and share’ in young minds. It prompts us to reflect upon the extent to which we are being caring in our day-to-day lives. For everything begins now – and here. Can a conference jolt us into collectively looking at how we can bring back such concerns centre-stage?

Through this conference we seek to bring together a variety of theoretical and empirical perceptives to arrive at a better understanding of ‘care and share’. We will revisit the thoughts of great minds on education and through interactive sessions, throw open various strategies that can be adapted for mainstream schools.

The sub-themes of the conference include:

  1. Inclu
    sion in the classroom and school
  2. Inclusion of nature
  3. Building relationships
  4. Developing empathy
  5. The role of art and sports
  6. Social science in building citizenship

Some of the important speakers who have committed to be a part of the conference include: Dr. Swami Atmapriyananda – Vice Chancellor, Vivekananda University, Dr. Shanta Sinha – Former Chairperson, NCPRC, Dr. Uma Das Gupta – Writer and Educationist, Ms. Gowri ishwaran Educationist, Dr. Pramod – SACON, Environmentalist, Dr. Rajan Gurukkal – Social Scientist, Dr. Rohit Dhankar,Vidvan T.M. Krishna – Musician,Researcher, Author, Dr. Alok Mathur Director Rishi Valley School, Mr.Ashok Sajjanhar, Professor Kunhi Krishnan and many more.

10322713_10152419252439513_2482852085624645995_nThe workshops for educators will focus on classroom practices that can be adapted in mainstream schools. We expect at least 100 educators from public and private schools to participate in the conference.


This is my first time participating at a conference! Prema Paati and the entire Vidya Vanam family have been working very hard through the summer break to put this together, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to pitch in where I can. She let me invite Chintan Girish Modi for a workshop, whose work I have been following on Facebook for a while now. Just finalising my script for the hosting, and hoping that the rain gods stop their flurry soon. 


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