Excellence in Rural education: Vidya Vanam needs your help

Vidya Vanam is a school for tribal and underprivileged children in Anaikatti near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. In the second term of each year, the entire school centres all learning around a particular theme – for example, Natural Disasters, Rivers, Rice, Forests among others. The driving mission of the school is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to understand and grow within their local and natural environment with excellence. The school needs your help in reaching the peak of this learning experience, the Project Day, where students from the youngest classes to the oldest put up projects on themes explored.

Some vignettes from past Project Days and other performances: Debate by students on genetically modified crops:

The courage, critical thinking and creativity of Vidya Vanam has brought personalities such as Aruna Roy, Gopal Krishna Gandhi and P Sainath to the school as guests of honour. A tall claim to fame for any Indian school! I learnt so much about education from being a part of the school’s many performances, and to keep it going will need all our support.

We hope you can join them in reaching the crowdfunding goal for the Project Day by contributing to this fundraiser, and spreading the word about it.



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