A COVID-impacted world has thrown us into endless meetings, online teaching, and building relief campaigns. Are you just surviving here, or thriving? No matter what side of the table you’re on, thriving in this new reality has a lot to do with how these gatherings are run rather than what they are about.

What is Online Facilitation? 

Facilitation is the art of empowering a group to act to achieve a shared purpose. That purpose might be to learn a skill, achieve a work milestone, or brainstorm creative ideas. Good facilitation by a leader leaves a group feeling productive, energized and connected to each other. Bad facilitation, well, does the opposite. 

About the Workshop

I developed this with my colleague Rosi Greenberg to empower any leader in the online world to communicate skillfully in making their teams & communities feel productive and connected from start to end. This training models and explains how to lead a high-energy, productive session online, regardless of what content you’re delivering. Learn ways to engage participants through Zoom (or the platform of your choice), structure content in digestible chunks to keep the energy flowing, and build the relationships with and between your participants. Our past participants include professors from Harvard, Stanford and Columbia Business School as well as leadership trainers, education entrepreneurs, and tech strategists. Of all the feedback we’ve received, we know that participants have most loved three things:

  • Tried and tested practices to build community by leveraging technology
  • Personalized support in adapting their needs to the online space
  • Group’s Coaching sessions

What does success look like? 

When you end the workshop with new ideas for a particular session, a sense of how to use technical tools, and a feeling of increased stability powered by the new community that’s going to keep supporting you! 

This workshop is a long-term investment in the capacity of your organisation. Being able to lead effective and inspiring sessions online will not just help you survive this current lockdown, it will enable you to thrive beyond by:

  • reaching greater scale
  • having flexible work conditions
  • improving productivity by cutting down on frills
  • and doing away with commutes and meeting rooms and organizing snacks!

If you are a knowledge-based organisation, the capacity to work effectively remotely gives you a competitive advantage over those that are dependent on physically being present together. The choice to invest in making that change stands before you now, and this workshop is a way to imagine how to get there.

To get a sense of what’s on offer, take a look at this article by Rosi, as well as the following article by Aditi that was shared by Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom Video Communications.

Clients and Past Workshops Participants

Springing into Online Facilitation, offered by Aditi Parekh and Rosi Greenberg, was exactly what I needed to gain momentum in taking our curriculum online. Their expertise was helpful and confidence inspiring, and it was heartwarming to collaborate with educators around the world as we all wrestle these new challenges. 

They did a great job of designing a learning experience that helped us consider high level design principles while at the same time learning tactical tricks. I recommend this course for anyone starting out in the journey of moving their course virtual, and also to anyone looking to improve their online content, delivery and connection with students.”

– Kathy Davies, Managing Director and Lecture, Stanford Life Design Lab

“I made a last-minute decision to attend the Springing into Online Facilitation workshop in April 2020. However, it proved to be one of my most fruitful learning experiences at a point when institutions and educators all around me were rushing to embrace online learning due to COVID-19 lockdown.

Aditi and Rosi provided wonderful insights during the workshop that have gone on to help me improve the design of webinars, facilitation of online workshops, and drive student engagement in online classes. In this workshop I learnt how to make online learning experience far more humane, empathetic, responsive and personalised for learners. The breakout sessions with educators from different parts of the world made us collaborate and uncover novel ideas to implement our educational projects with more efficiency and efficacy. 

Lastly, you can’t miss the infectious energy and warmth with which Aditi and Rosi facilitate this workshop. We lost track of time and were left hungry and yearning for more. And they have amazing music playlists for the workshop. Must attend! You’ll discover things about online learning you might not have thought of.”

– Nishant Singh, Senior Curriculum Specialist, Harappa Education


For customized trainings, please reach out at aditiup@mit.edu.