Games & Assessments at MIT Playful Journey Lab (2020)

As an Assessment Designer & Researcher at the MIT Playful Journey Lab, I’m studying game-based learning, teacher assessment literacy and helping build data reporting tools. Read about the process here! Other fun adventures: guest lecturing on Assessment at Justin Reich’s MIT course on Education Technology and a workshop on Playful Assessment at SXSW Edu 2020.

Deepening Learner Engagement in Online Courses with HKS Executive Education (2020)

The first Public Narrative online course, offered in Fall 2019 by Prof. Marshall Ganz and Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education, was a massive success amongst 90 non-profit leaders from around the world. These students learned values-based storytelling practices, examined their past experiences to draw lessons on empathetic leadership, and built deep relationships with peers, course faculty and section coaches. As one of the five course coaches, I am examining student survey data to distill the unique mechanisms that got us here and can be applied to create more reflective, practice-based online learning communities. This proposal has been accepted to the Connected Learning Summit that will be held at MIT in 2021.

Psychometrics & Econometrics courses at HGSE & HKS (2019)

My primary academic goal in doing grad school was to build a rigorous foundation in research methods for education. I am immensely grateful to the following courses & professors in helping make progress on that!

  1. Statistical & Psychometric Methods for Educational Measurement with Prof. Andrew Ho
  2. Understanding Today’s Educational Testing with Prof. Daniel Koretz
  3. Econometric Methods for Applied Research with Dr. Joshua Goodman
  4. Education and International Development with Dr. Emmerich Davies (with whom I also did research on private school education expenditure in India between 1984-2015)
  5. Microeconomics for Education with Prof. Felipe Barrera-Osorio

(If you are interested in the syllabus & materials from these courses, feel free to write to me!)

21st Century Skills at Evaldesign (2015-2019)

I conducted background research for Evaldesign’s upcoming Handbook on Methods to build 21st Century Skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, etc. The Handbook describes the design and evidence on diverse and innovative programs based in 17 countries that use design thinking, debating, sports and the arts, amongst others, to prepare our learners to succeed in all domains of their lives. This is a follow up to our widely-read Handbook on Measuring 21st Century Skills that is available to download here, and was launched at a conference featuring experts on socio-emotional learning. Watch snippets from my interviews with them here!

I also helped evaluate the impact of large-scale programs offered by organizations like Design for Change, WASH United, Dream a Dream and Going to School, and had a ball of a time doing field research and data analysis to arrive at evidence-backed recommendations to improve program design and delivery at scale.

Another exciting project: working with Sean Lip from Google on user-testing and improving the design of Oppia, a mobile-based mathematics game that teaches students fractions through Hinglish stories on text and audio!

Gold, Bandits and State Formation with Dr. Raul Sanchez de la Sierra (2018)

This project had nothing to do with education research but was a great deep dive into econometrics and taxation policies in emerging states! I helped edit and refine On the Origins of the State: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo, and it was subsequently published in the Journal of Political Economy.